I was tasked with building a simple blog on top of Django. Requirements included:

  • Templated routes for homepage, and individual post
  • Allowing users to log in
  • Admin users can delete posts
  • Making it look alright (aka use Bootstrap)
  • Deploy it somewhere (I used Heroku)
Deployed appGitHub Repo

(it looks like bootstrap blah, but it works - you can email me for credentials to test deleting etc…)

Having only played with Python, it was a good way to get more familiar with the language, even if entirely framework focused. It was also a good opportunity to finally play with Heroku.

It’s not the prettiest code, as I had to start tinkering especially after I started trying to deploy on Heroku (lots of new pieces, and figuring out how to debug each of them). But I got a good sense for the structure of a Django, and inklings of how to debug both Django apps and Heroku deployments.

All in all, educational, and while I didn’t feel it myself, I can see how Django positions itself as “the framework for perfectionists with deadlines.”